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Pass a resolution

We were successful in passing our resolution in October of 2021 to deprioritize entheogens in the city of Seattle. We believe that this builds awareness and support for a growing movement to legalize psychedelics statewide. We can mentor you on how to build a local movement and pass a deprioritization resolution in your city or county! Email us at info@pmaw.org to learn more.

Ongoing efforts in Washington State

Volunteers are making progress in six cities and three counties to bring access to legal psychedelics in our communities and across Washington State. Decriminalizing in our local communities sends a message to both state and federal lawmakers that there is appetite for change.

Connect with an Ongoing Campaign in your area:
- Olympia
- Spokane
- Tacoma
- San Juan County


PMAW is part of the REACH Coalition - REACH Washington is a PAC and is a ballot initiative to fully decriminalize natural plants/fungi containing mescaline (not peyote), psilocybin and DMT. If you would like to be a part of that effort, please visit www.reachwa.org

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