Decriminalize AllEquitable Access ToGift, Gather, Grow Psychedelics

Psychedelic Medicine Alliance of WA is working to decriminalize and ensure safe and equitable access to psychedelics like psilocybin, mescaline and ayahuasca, for human health and wellness.

PMAW's Goals:

To ensure personal and community sovereignty with entheogenic use and exchange by dismantling the outdated and harmful drug war era policies that have disproportionately impacted people dealing with trauma, substance abuse and especially our BIPOC communities and folks who are cash-poor.
This pathway is founded upon the principles of safety, equitable access and harm reduction.  

Decriminalize First

To fully decriminalize entheogens in Washington State.


Gather Gift Grow framework promotes equity in access as it allows for personal cultivation, gifting/bartering exchange, and other low-cost sustainable ways. Legalization models for exchange that include sales must be low barrier and not cater to corporations or venture capital backed interests.


Washington should focus on decriminalizing all substances and creating a framework for safe supply that is equitably accessible to all residents. This will allow our community and organizations in the psychedelic field time to integrate and develop best practices, educational resources and other guidelines that will promote safety, equitable access and responsible use, and reduce harm caused by prohibition and trauma from interfacing with our criminal justice system for nonviolent drug "offenses".

You can make a difference


We need your help to get our resolution adopted by this fall and to change laws in Seattle to protect individual and community use of psychedelics!

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