DecriminalizeEquitable Access ToGift, Gather, GrowResponsible Use of Psychedelics

Psychedelic Medicine Alliance of WA is working to decriminalize and ensure safer, equitable and affordable access to psychedelics like psilocybin, mescaline and ayahuasca, for human health and wellness.

PMAW's Goals:

We work everyday to advocate at the local and statewide level to pass reformative measures that will broaden access to psychedelics with safety and affordability as core foundational values. 

Decriminalize First

To fully decriminalize entheogens in Washington State.

To support reform measures that broaden access within regulatory frameworks in accessible and responsible ways.


Gather Gift Grow framework promotes equity in access as it allows for personal cultivation, gifting/bartering exchange, and other low-cost sustainable ways.

Legalization models for exchange that include sales must be accessible to working class people to participate in, not just well funded individuals or corporate interests.


We passed the Seattle Resolution in October of 2021 when we were operating solely as Decriminalize Nature Seattle. We are actively advocating for progressive and inclusive reforms to SB 5660 to be safe, inclusive, accessible and affordable. We support the ACLU's mission to decriminalize all substances in WA.

You can make a difference


We need your help to get our resolution adopted by this fall and to change laws in Seattle to protect individual and community use of psychedelics!

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