History of Decriminalize Nature Seattle

According to anecdotal accounts and meeting notes, Decriminalize Nature Seattle began circa April of 2019. It was around that time when the first meeting was held. For the better part of a year, DNS chugged along as a loosely formed network of people. In early 2020 Kelly Russell was the first long term leader of DNS, which lasted until mid-March of 2021. Kelly Leonora Russell was not a founding member, despite false claims by her. Tatiana Luz and Kody Zalewski started volunteering around July 2020, and became part of the core volunteer leadership. In March of 2021 our organization was suffering from a lot of chaos  and internal relational issues.  We had to remove Russell from the organization due to her problematic leadership decisions and behavior.  Kody & Tatiana then became co-directors of DNS. Over the next 8 months they rebuilt their team, got to a healthier place, and began to seriously organize. DNS then successfully passed a resolution decriminalizing plant based psychedelics in Seattle in October of 2021. 

Background on PMAW

Our current team of 6 board members founded the Psychedelic Medicine Alliance Washington (PMAW) in November of 2021 to represent our mission and values at the statewide level. We are working on identifying supportive members in the legislature who would be interested in moving forward with drug policy reforms in general, and particularly championing our cause to remove criminal penalties and increase access to these natural medicines which are proven to support our general wellness and mental health. If you would like to volunteer to help liberalize psychedelic medicines in Washington, please apply